Sunday, 29 April 2012

On exercise

Let me begin this post by saying that I rarely, if ever, exercise.  I enjoy a brisk walk often, but it's really not enough to get the blood going.

The Victoria Conservatory of Music takes part in the Times Colonist 10k run/walk nearly every year and has a team.  I participated last year in the walk portion and had a riot, and this year I ended up helping organize our team.  Last year I had been living in James Bay, which is about 3km from my work, and walking to the Conservatory every day.  I at least had a wee bit of training and could make good time.  This year I've been busing because I moved too far out to walk every day and had NO training whatsoever before this race.

My mum did the walk with me again this year, which is a nice little mama/daughter event for us to look forward too.  She was worried about busing from my place to the start, which is right by the water, so she got us a super nice hotel room at the Chateau Victoria, five minutes from the start line!

I indulged in a little popcorn before bed :D

It was an early start, but not too bad.  We were at the finish line right as the race started at 8am.  Because the walkers get put at the back of the line we didn't actually cross the start line until about 8:15.

And off we went!  The route goes through downtown and then beside the water and around back to the start.  I'd explain it further but it's a bit boring if you're not actually on the route.  There were TONS of people and it took about the first two kilometers for everything to spread out so we weren't just maneuvering around the really slow folk.  Mum and I walked with my coworker, Susan, and at about 4km we decided to jam headphones into our respective ears and just motor.  I really wanted to beat my time last year of 1:38.  Mum and I decided that if we split up, that was ok - I thought for sure she would beat me because she walks like freaking lightening.  But out of nowhere I was just overcome with the desire to run, so I did!  I would jog 250m or so, then walk, then jog, then walk.  I think I probably jogged nearly 2km all together!

This guy had the right idea.

I beat last year's time by about five minutes.  Last year my pace was way more consistent and we motored the whole way.  Still, I'm pretty proud of myself!


Now excuse me while I go nap for the rest of eternity.

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